Ted the bear is one of the original memes, even tho is not a meme, And also represents the bakery in the game, he does standup comedy with Forever Alone.

Same as all the others memes, he walks at night and tries to meme any human, screaming a ramdom meme at this human. ( His most famous one is " 2spooky4me " ).


Ted The Bear represents a grizzly bear with human characteristics, he has the height of a normal adult ( 1,80 aprox ) and he can have the body actions of a human as well ( like articulations of the arms, legs, mouth, etc. ) And other articulations like his butthole and cock. ( Which can only be seen at 2-4 AM ) He also weirdly has some human prints over his body.


After Forever Alone and Grapes Duck leaved the standup stage, he will get dangerous in 3rd night, you can hear him saying fuck backwards when you close the doors in front of him, and he always hides in dark zones, which demostrates that he's racist.

Freddy, will do a patterns like chica but with direct acces. He will go throw the Adult Sexual area, Then to the bathrooms, and when he gets to the kitchen he will start singing " never gonna give you up " by rick astley.

After he ends his song, he goes fast to the Asian Memes Zone, which is just right to the office, then he waits until the seccuritty guard is with the cameras, and tries to enter the room, he is very fast in the fifth and sixth night.

Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up

Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up

When energy is off, he attacks the player singing never gonna give you up, but if 5 AM and you play dead, you maybe will have the opportunitty to survive until 6 AM, but if you move constantly in this situation he will kill you faster.

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