There is a security rules in the " Asian Memes Hall ", Which is ramdomly replaced with newspapers. This articles reveal some history elements, like the five dissapeared rrrather users, and the bite of the 97.


Ted's bakery was a bakery for only 13 year or older edgy kids, or virgin adults. But for things like the kidnapping and killing of the 5 rrrather users by a person in a empty suit not specified, or sanctions for health departments for the memes smeells and something that seemed like mucus and blood, and also the bite of the 97, The bakery was in hard times, as hard as i fucked your mom last night.


Years later the bakery was closed, a suspect of being the rrrather killer was found, but what they never found was the bodies.

As a defense, one of the securty guards professioanal, defends this with the fact that the memes never got washed in 20 years. But this could also be a lie since the workers can't talk bad about the bakery.

When the bakery clossed, they dindn't actually throwed the memes away, they let them in the old abandoned pizzeria.

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